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A month later, support slipped further, to 25% v 69%. By August 2009, the last survey, it dropped yet again to 23-64%. A 2014 text message poll of 1,307 people, asking whether anyone who commits a lethal act of terror in Australia should face the death penalty, showed narrow support for the proposition - 52.5%, with 47.5% against. Image copyright AFP Image caption There were large vigils held in Australia to plead for the lives of the Bali Nine ringleaders Dr Amy Maguire, lecturer in law at Australia's Newcastle University and capital punishment opponent, says the executions of Bali Nine drug smugglers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan may have changed Australian attitudes. Prior to this, Ronald Ryan's execution was at best a dim memory. "My sense is that the Chan and Sukumaran case enlightened some numbers of Australians who may previously been fairly unconcerned about the use of the death penalty overseas for people convicted of drug offences," she told the BBC. "As well as having strong advocacy at government level, the families and friends of Sukumaran and Chan bravely conveyed their grief publicly and demonstrated that capital punishment is effectively torture not only for the person executed but also for their loved ones. "The argument that Sukumaran and Chan had worked very hard to rehabilitate themselves and would be more fairly sentenced to life or many years in prison was, I think, fairly persuasive to many people." Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A majority of Australians opposed the death penalty for drug smugglers Chan and Sukumaran While there remains a significant proportion of Australians who support capital punishment, Dr Maguire believes no Australian government will ever re-introduce it. "No, I believe Australia is very firmly committed to the abolition of capital punishment, and in fact the Bali executions galvanised the government into building a firmer platform on which to advocate for abolition globally. Australian law is unequivocally against the death penalty," she said. There are legal barriers, too.